A Message from Rev. Josey to the Church

To God be the Glory!
Saying what we are doing, Doing what we are saying~Helping


My Dear Society Church, 


I thank God for you…I thank God for ordaining Overseer Warren and my paths to cross in 1971 through our mutual friend Dr. Ethel Allen.


Even then, in 1971 God knew that he would use our complementary skills and abilities to help launch in 1976 a special church for the hearing impaired mainstreamed with the hearing…That church? Society for Helping


And now 33 years later, Society Church stands as a great reminder that the plans God has for ministry for Him no one can stop or hinder. God not only gives His vision but He also gives whatever is needed to bring His vision into reality.


Overseer Warren, you leave to Society a great legacy. A legacy to be welcomed, cherished, loved and continued. You have given so much of yourself---more than can ever be put into words…And now God is giving to you the opportunity to find a little time “for you.”


But knowing you as I do, your spiritual being is already at work planning how you can continue to work meaningfully for God---no matter where you are.


Thank you for blessing me with your presence in my life. No words can capture the depth of my thanks and appreciation.


Love always, Your Spiritual Sister, Friend, and Co-founder,  

Rev. Dorothy Johnson Josey

Rev. Dorothy J. Josey


1929 - 2017