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To Rev. Barbara J. Montague: The members of Society For Helping Church (Deaf & Hearing) want to extend our love and gratitude to you for Pastoring our church for over 8 years.  We thank God for the deep compassion, dedication, and generosity you shared with us over the years. 
You have been faithful in your service to God, our unique church, and to the deaf and hearing community. Your positive and caring attitude will be greatly missed. It is our prayer and hope that God will be with you, guiding your footsteps, and blessing you in whatever you do in the future. We love you Rev. Barbara and will always remember to “Expect a Miracle!”
With Love & Gratitude From
Society For Helping Church Family



Ministry of Song - leads: Minister Geraldine Williams, Sister Kathy Crawford signing...

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Baptism Service

Deacon Joe Q. Brown, Deaconess Brown, and Deacon Trustee Harry Swinton | being baptized...